Books and covers / Libros y portadas

[Versión bilingüe] Judging a book by its cover We live in the age of botox, Instagram, shopaholism, and detox juices. We are obsessed about ours and everybody’s looks. Then, how on earth are we supposed to not judge a book by its cover? Marketing industr… I mean, publishing houses know this. They know we watch … Continue reading Books and covers / Libros y portadas


GIRLS: The end / GIRLS: El final

[Versión bilingüe] A week ago the last episode of Girls aired, and millions of people were left with emptiness. Even though the last chapter of this show was broadcast last Sunday, the finale takes part in the two last episodes, since two of the main characters make their last appearances in the previous episode. I’m … Continue reading GIRLS: The end / GIRLS: El final

Barbie, más allá de la muñeca

La semana pasada pude asistir a la exposición “BARBIE, Más allá de la muñeca” que se encuentra en la galería Fundación Canal en Madrid. Nada más llegar vi una cola considerable de niñas que estaban emocionadas por ver las 438 Barbies que la fundación posee por un tiempo limitado. Lamentablemente, no vi a ningún niño, … Continue reading Barbie, más allá de la muñeca

Having a political opinion in the XXI Century

– No way you are questioning gender roles. You must be one of those feminazis... These radicals. –Are you inquiring about Muslim integration processes in Europe? Dude, you must be part of an alt-right movement, how dare you speak if you are not one of them. These seem exaggerated and incongruent political statements. Far from … Continue reading Having a political opinion in the XXI Century

Experimento / Experiment

[English version below] Sus hombros, sobre los que suavemente cae su pelo moreno, soportan todo el peso que les pone. El peso de los besos, los recuerdos, los deseos y las palabras. Las palabras —which float and shift from one language into the other— que son sus amigas y compañeras, elegidas y adoradas, las que … Continue reading Experimento / Experiment

Let’s keep going

[Versión bilingüe] Thelma OK, then listen; let's not get caught. Louise What are you talkin' about? Thelma Let's keep goin'! Louise What d'you mean? Thelma Go. [Thelma nods ahead of them] Louise You sure? Thelma Yeah. Hit it. The emblematic end of the film "Thelma and Louise," directed by Ridley Scott (1991), which I have … Continue reading Let’s keep going

Thoughts / Pensamientos.

[Versión bilingüe] ‘You are never the first choice. They do not choose you,’ she thought. ‘You screwed up and now you’re paying for it. Maybe you ruined your chance. Let’s face it, you’re not easy. You’re not easy to understand, to love, to maintain.’ She kept having these thoughts and punishing herself for hours and … Continue reading Thoughts / Pensamientos.