Books and covers / Libros y portadas

[Versión bilingüe] Judging a book by its cover We live in the age of botox, Instagram, shopaholism, and detox juices. We are obsessed about ours and everybody’s looks. Then, how on earth are we supposed to not judge a book by its cover? Marketing industr… I mean, publishing houses know this. They know we watch … Continue reading Books and covers / Libros y portadas

A Must: Insecure (HBO)

[Versión bilingüe] HBO is known for takings risks and backing series that tell stories different from the conventional dramas and rom-coms, with characters that do not fit in the rigid white upper-middle-class heteropatriarchal canons. Right now, everyone is talking about the ending of the iconic show Girls (Lucía has written an article about it) and … Continue reading A Must: Insecure (HBO)

March 27: Muslim Women’s Day / Día de la Mujer Musulmana

[Versión bilingüe] March is the month when conferences, readings, marches, and many more events take place daily and internationally, all of them with a common goal: women’s liberation. However, this “women” has brought many problems since the feminist movement started, because, most times, when talking or thinking about “women”, the mental picture that came to … Continue reading March 27: Muslim Women’s Day / Día de la Mujer Musulmana

Oh, hey there, beautiful Edinburgh

[Versión bilingüe] I miss you. I miss you every day. Your paved streets, your old buildings. I miss greeting the castle every morning with a nod and a smile, on my way to uni. I miss going to the market on Sundays and getting lost among extremely cheap second-hand books for hours at Armchair Books … Continue reading Oh, hey there, beautiful Edinburgh

8-M: Interview. Naked Eye

[Versión bilingüe] Naked Eye is a brand new project that we wanted to share with you because their idea is wonderful and their contribution is necessary. Thanks to photography projects like this one, maybe one day we'll stop calling “brave” the women and men who “dare” to pose in their “imperfect” bodies and we'll only see … Continue reading 8-M: Interview. Naked Eye

Feminist Youtubers

[Versión bilingüe] Youtube is young people's new window to the world. Having outgrown colourful cartoons and not being very interested in bridesmaids or interior decorating programmes, teenagers have switched the TV for this fresh, interactive platform full of people who they can feel identified with. Some channels are made and watched for entertainment purposes only: … Continue reading Feminist Youtubers