Mi madre me ha dicho muchas veces que hay gente que tiene estrella, gente a la que la suerte le sonríe. Yo siempre pensé que era una de esas personas, sobre todo durante la adolescencia. No todo me salía bien, obviamente, y algunos ámbitos de mi vida eran mucho mejores que otros, pero parecía que … Continue reading Suerte


Peter Pan, Coleridge and poetic faith

[Versión bilingüe] Peter Pan, Coleridge and poetic faith “Of course Peter had been trifling with them, for no one can fly unless the fairy dust has been blown on him. Fortunately, as we have mentioned, one of his hands was messy with it, and he blew some on each of them, with the most superb … Continue reading Peter Pan, Coleridge and poetic faith

The History of Women / La historia de la mujeres

[Versión bilingüe] The Ascent of Woman is a BBC 2 series that was released in 2015 and that has been available on Netflix for a while now. It is written and presented by the historian and award-winning author Dr Amanda Foreman, who travels around the world to discover (or rather uncover) the women that changed … Continue reading The History of Women / La historia de la mujeres

Margaret Atwood: Alias Grace

[Versión bilingüe] In this week’s literary review I wanted to analyse Margaret Atwood’s novel Alias Grace, since —beside it being a brilliant book, actually the author’s greatest masterpiece in my opinion— everyone is going to be talking about it from now on. Why is that? Because a six-part miniseries based on it was released on … Continue reading Margaret Atwood: Alias Grace

Virginia Woolf: The Years / Los años

[Versión bilingüe] Although now The Years (1937) does not seem to be as well-known as other novels written by Virginia Woolf (such as The Waves or Orlando), it was actually the most popular one during her lifetime — even though it received very mixed reviews. Her second-to-last novel, before she wrote Between the Acts in … Continue reading Virginia Woolf: The Years / Los años

Allies? / ¿Aliad@s?

[Versión bilingüe] Lately, the new concept of “ally” has been all over the place and it has got me thinking — a lot. Until very recently, I had only heard this term in relation to the feminist movement, since some women use it to refer to men (or to anyone who is not a woman … Continue reading Allies? / ¿Aliad@s?

Susan Glaspell

[Versión bilingüe] In the first semester of my Masters, I had the chance to study some of the greatest American women playwrights of the 20th and 21st century. I was very lucky because I got to learn about one of my current favourite writers, Susan Glaspell, from the professor Noelia Hernando-Real, who is actually the … Continue reading Susan Glaspell

Books and covers / Libros y portadas

[Versión bilingüe] Judging a book by its cover We live in the age of botox, Instagram, shopaholism, and detox juices. We are obsessed about ours and everybody’s looks. Then, how on earth are we supposed to not judge a book by its cover? Marketing industr… I mean, publishing houses know this. They know we watch … Continue reading Books and covers / Libros y portadas