Allies? / ¿Aliad@s?

[Versión bilingüe] Lately, the new concept of “ally” has been all over the place and it has got me thinking — a lot. Until very recently, I had only heard this term in relation to the feminist movement, since some women use it to refer to men (or to anyone who is not a woman … Continue reading Allies? / ¿Aliad@s?



[Versión bilingüe] Let’s get to the point. L’Orèal Paris has created a program called “Women of Worth", which honours women who volunteer in their communities and empower other women, giving away money for them to start their project. Thanks to this program, Nadya Okamoto was able to fund back in 2014 a organization called PERIOD. when … Continue reading PERIOD.


¡Qué suerte tenemos las personas de poder desahogarnos a través de algo más que de las palabras! Somos afortunados y afortunadas por poseer el don de crear, de expresar e incluso de sensibilizar. La música nos emociona, tiene la generosidad de regalarnos un billete imaginario que nos transporta a cualquier lugar con solo cerrar los … Continue reading ReivindicArte

Marching towards freedom / La marcha hacia la libertad

[Versión bilingüe] This past Wednesday, March 8th 2017, several feminist marches took place all over the world and there was a women’s strike to prove the world that it doesn’t work without us. I live in Madrid so I was able to go to the protest along with Ana and José Juan (also from the … Continue reading Marching towards freedom / La marcha hacia la libertad